NetStruct Hierarchy is a network-based method for inference of multiple hierarchical levels of population structure. The structure is summarized as a population structure tree (PST). An additional tool is available for visualizing the data and plotting it on geographic maps.

Details in: Greenbaum G, Rubin A, Templeton AR, Rosenberg NA (2019). Network-based hierarchical population structure analysis for large genomic datasets. Genome Research, 29, 2020-2033

NetStruct Hierarchy


This is the original version of NetStruct, and is a network-based inference of population structure from genetic data. It is similar to NetStruct Hierarchy, but does not automatically infers hierarchical levels. Requires the software Mathematica software, and is implemented with a simple GUI.

Details in: Greenbaum G, Templeton AR, Bar-David S (2016). Inference and analysis of population structure using genetic data and network theory. Genetics, 202, 1299-1312