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NetStruct Hierarchy

NetStruct Hierarchy is a network-based method for inference of multiple hierarchical levels of population structure. The structure is summarized as a population structure tree (PST). An additional tool is available for visualizing the data and plotting it on geographic maps.

Details in: Greenbaum G, Rubin A, Templeton AR, Rosenberg NA (2019). Network-based hierarchical population structure analysis for large genomic datasets. Genome Research, 29, 2020-2033



modelRxiv is a web-based repository and platform for models in ecology and evolution. It allows researchers to upload and share published and unpublished models developed in different programming languages (currently supports Python, JavaScript and R). Anyone can then easily run, reparametrize, and visualize model results. The goal of modelRxiv is to facilitate review, dissemination, replication, and investigation of results from models in the ecology and evolution scientific community. 

Details in: Harris KD, Hadari G, Greenbaum G (2022). modelRxiv: A platform for the distribution, computation and interactive display of models. bioRxiv

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This is the original version of NetStruct, and is a network-based inference of population structure from genetic data. It is similar to NetStruct Hierarchy, but does not automatically infers hierarchical levels. Requires the software Mathematica software, and is implemented with a simple GUI.

Details in: Greenbaum G, Templeton AR, Bar-David S (2016). Inference and analysis of population structure using genetic data and network theory. Genetics, 202, 1299-1312

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